notable roles

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Denis Leary’s on the wagon.
Holter couldn’t care less, as long as he’s paying.
Epside 310: Retards.
Holter produced as well as acted in The Diversion, a short film currently screening at Film Festivals across the country.
A Tough Line is a political art piece mixing theatre, spoken-word poetry, and original music compositions to tell the story of the Chechen take-over of the Nord Ost theatre in Moscow, 2002. Performed most recently at the Whitney Museum of art, and produced by Vision Into Art.
Holter played the salemsman with a secret in Neil LaBute’s Bash at the Studio Theatre in New York.
In The Curse, a menstrually metamorphosed woman takes her werewolf revenge on the men of New York, Holter included.
Michael Bergman’s digital independent film sets the Shakespearean world of muses and intervening deities against contemproary New York, with Holter playing the muse Michelangelo used for his David scupture, among other things.
Co-collaborator and co-translator, Holter was part of a cast that played multiple roles in this multimedia poem-theatre piece blending the relationship between Dali, Bunuel, and Garcia Lorca with the racism/sexism of Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the joys of Salma Hayek’s acting.
Im Jamie Yerkes critically acclaimed story of childhood friends reuniting for a wedding, Holter plays the geek-turned-hunk who drives the drama through it’s twists and turns.
In a precursor to the psychological setup behind “Fight Club,” Holter and Norman Reedus are alter egos battling for supremacy in a world full of Debbie Harry, Isaac Hayes, and Adrien Brody.
In a refutation/continuation of Strindberg’s Pariah,Holter and Ean Sheehy try to exist a world that extends from a toilet bowl to a wall full of flies.
In Carroll Ballard’s family classic starring Anna Paquin and Jeff Daniels, Holter is the mechanic and team member helping the geese fly south for the winter.
In 1994’s ‘The Guardian’ episode, Holter takes sly drug-dealing, leather pants, and big hair to it’s artistic apex.
Two films in one directed by horror master’s George Romero and Dario Argento, Two Evil Eyes features a confrontation between Holter and Harvey Keitel.
In Sarah Michelle Gellar’s last job before Buffy, Holter breaks out the leathers again as British rocker Billy Gunn.
In John Waters’ 1987 classic, Baltimore native Holter dances and kitsches his way through a love-poem to the last year before the British pop invasion.
In his first role, Holter dodges psychotic 18 wheelers, bonds with Repo Man, and gets a song written for him by AC/DC.